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Ref: 2048, Cafe

sized_coffee love Web
For Sale
AU$39,000 - Cafe

Brand new fit out. Full commercial kitchen and cool room, valued over $145,000. Operator lives more than 1 1/2 hours from this beautiful Cafe. However…

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Ref: 2057, Cafe

For Sale
AU$288,000 - Cafe

Very modern, stylishly designed with a brand new fit out worth over $450,000. Currently employees are running this beautiful Cafe as representatives of the owner.…

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Ref: 1969, Cafe

sized_Coffee Cup 1 Web
For Sale
AU$2,600,000 - Cafe

Fully licensed. 70% Credit and 30% Cash. In the best estate. New state of the art fit out. Full kitchen. Big and very impressive shop.…

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Ref: 1751, Bakery – Cafe

Coffee Cups Web
For Sale
AU$1,500,000 - Bakery, Cafe

Soon to be Fully Licensed on tap. Best location with indoor and outdoor seating. 100 seats. You haven’t seen a location of a shop until…

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Ref: 1885, Cafe

Coffee Bean Web
For Sale
AU$1,250,000 - Cafe

Fully Under Management. Selling 45 – 50kg Coffee per week. One of the best fit outs. Trading 5 days. 150 Seats inside and outside. Full…

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